Frequently Asked Questions

Whats stronger cement or concrete?

The terms concrete and cement are used often and they are interchangeable. Cement is an ingredient of concrete. Concrete is made up of water, aggregate, and cement. Usually, the cement comes in powder form and acts as a binding agent when mixed with water and aggregates. The older the concrete, the stronger it becomes. To answer the question, there is no such thing as a cement sidewalk or cement mixer. The proper saying would be a concrete mixer and concrete sidewalk.

Which cement is the best for a foundation?

Having a strong foundation holds your ideal home above the ground. It keeps the moisture out, and it insulates against corrosion from chemicals underground. Your foundation carries the load of the job so it needs to be durable and strong. Portland Pozzolana Cement also known as PPC is the best cement that should be used as it hydrates slowly and gives the cement a strong finish.

What are 5 types of cement?

1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

It is the most common type of cement. It’s used extensively around the world and has good resistance to cracking and dry shrinkage, however it has less resistance to chemical attack. Ordinary Portland Cement is not the best for construction work because construction work cement gets exposed to sulphates in the soil.

2. Water Proof Portland Cement

Cement is made by adding small percentages of metal sereates into Ordinary Portland Cement during the grinding process. This cement is used in foundations, water tanks and other water retaining construction.

3. Pozzolana Cement

It is a material formed due to volcanic eruptions. It has about 80% Clay. It is manufactured by mixing 30% of pozzolana cement to Ordinary Portland cement clinkers. This type of cement is mainly used in construction of dams and weirs.

4. High Alumina Cement

Cement has rich alumina about 35% which assists in gaining immense strength in a very short period of time. This cement is used where structure is subjected to the action of sea water, chemical plants and furnaces.

5. Rapid Hardening Cement:

Hardening cement has similarities to ordinary Portland cement. The early strength of RHC is achieved by adding C3S in the mix and lowering the C2S content in the cement. This type of cement is utilized where there is much need for high early strength. For example, pavements, busy roadways and things of the sort.

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