Concrete Repair

It is widely known how strong concrete is when it is installed properly. However, despite being one of the strongest building materials out there, it does tend to get damaged over time. This could be because the concrete surface is exposed to harsh elements, or simply because of its natural aging. Concrete can crack, settle, lift, or spall, depending on the conditions it goes through.

Concrete Contractor Philadelphia offers you the best solution for concrete repair. Most of the contractors would fix the damage by replacing the entire slab, but we do the opposite where possible. We work with you to find a solution that fits your concrete surface, and employ it to best suit your needs and budget. Below are some common types of concrete damages and how they can be repaired.


With time, the soil that supports the concrete slabs can come loose and destabilize its structural integrity. Based on the severity of the sinking, it is possible to find out whether the situation calls for a slab replacement or a simple repair. If repair is all that is needed, mud jacking can be done to lift the slab, which is the most common method there is.

You can also go for polyurethane structural foam, which is much more expensive, but also more effective. Whatever decision you make, it should take into account the condition and age of the concrete slab.


Cracking is one of the common forms of damage that affect concrete. Cracks are mainly caused by repeated expansion and contraction, either due to the seasons or because of human error. Cracks that form in concrete slabs are reparable for the most part; however, larger cracks that have caused structural damage, as well as those that go through the slab’s entirety, cannot be repaired.

Concrete Contractor Philadelphia will offer you the most applicable solution based on the type of crack. Usually, the repairs that can be done include injecting epoxy or filling with hydraulic cement.


If your concrete has undergone lifting, you should leave the repairs to us instead of trying any do-it-yourself ideas. Generally, lifting concrete occurs when roots grow under the concrete and push up the material, which in turn causes cracks in uncommon areas. The best way to get rid of this is to replace the slab altogether.


This type of damage is caused when the concrete slabs are installed wrongly, or when the mix of the concrete has too much water in it. The excess of water can cause the concrete surface to peel, flake, or pop, so that the aggregate is left exposed.

Before starting repair of spalling damage, our experts use a pressure washer to identify other spalling sections of the concrete. After all problem areas have been identified, our professionals fill the affected areas with cementitious material, so that the concrete slabs’ original look is restored.

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