Concrete Sidewalk

Where it comes to how you can build a sidewalk, it is easy to feel that the options are limited. You can go with stone, dirt, or gravel, but there is one material, that stands a class apart – concrete. Concrete has been in use for building sidewalks since the Roman era, and with recent advancements in the field, there has never been a better time to use it for this purpose.

Concrete Contractor Philadelphia offers you the best concrete sidewalks installation services that you can get in the area. Our team of professionals makes sure that you get what you want, be it for a residential building or a commercial development.


The installation process for a concrete sidewalk is pretty much the same as for most other concrete structures. First, the soil is prepared, the top level of dirt is removed, the soil is compacted, and then the design of the sidewalk is outlined to lay the forms. These forms are made out of wooden stakes and leveled with the required sidewalk height.

After setting the forms, concrete is poured upwards from the lowest point on the sidewalk. After making sure the forms are fully filled, the concrete is smoothed with a long-handled trowel. The concrete finishing is done with edges, a broom, and corner tools.

The concrete slab in a sidewalk is usually laid bare to strenuous conditions, which most other materials could not endure. This includes everything from constant exposure to the elements to UV rays and regularly heavy foot traffic. Luckily, the damage that happens on the concrete surface can be spotted easily and fixed in time. Below are some of the common forms of damages, which you should know about.


This damage happens due when too much water is present in the concrete mix at the time of pouring, or if too much water is sprayed onto the slabs while curing the concrete. The result is the surface flaking, popping, or chipping away, leaving behind exposed aggregate.

The most common solution to this damage is resurfacing, although patching can be done only if the affected area is small. Affected areas can be confirmed using a pressure washer.


This is perhaps the most common form of damage to affect concrete sidewalks, which have to endure heavy foot traffic as well as dropped objects. Cracks can form pretty quickly too. If the crack formed does not run through the entire slab or one that causes structural damage, then Concrete Contractor Philadelphia can repair it with an epoxy injection or hydraulic cement.

If the crack has affected large parts of the sidewalk, then resurfacing can be done in order to get a repaired surface. This will ensure that the concrete finishing is both uniform and seamless.

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