Concrete Steps

It can be hard to convey how tiresome rundown steps can get. With older steps, you would also be dealing with a tripping hazard, which can be a serious thing for a commercial building. So when you have a problem with your steps, be it in your commercial establishment or your house, it is often better to replace it.

Concrete Contractor Philadelphia has years of experience in laying concrete steps and repairing damages to any kind of concrete surface. While concrete was not commonly used for steps in the earlier days, it has now become a mainstream choice because of its numerous benefits as a building material. It not only allows a simplistic maintenance regimen and offers a safer finish, but also ensures that your steps are safe to use under all environments.


One of the best points in favor of using concrete for your steps is that it is highly durable. Concrete steps, when paired with the right concrete sealer, can be greatly resistant to heavy foot traffic, UV rays, and sudden impacts. It is also among the longest-lasting materials present on the market. With the right installation, proper maintenance, and proper placement, concrete steps can last for up to 25 years.

Simple Maintenance

Another feature that concrete steps have, which sets it apart from other building materials, is its low maintenance. This can be both time-effective and affordable. With regard to regular concrete steps maintenance, all you need is a broom along with a mop, and a PH-neutral detergent so that there is no acidic damage done to the concrete sealer.

When concrete gets extremely soiled, a light-tipped pressure washer can remove any built-up grime. However, we recommend that you replace the sealer at least every three years in order to keep the concrete protected, based on the traffic.


This is one more upside to choosing concrete as the building material. The natural texture of the material gives plenty of traction, and this is even when the steps have become wet from spilled liquids or rain. Besides, the light finish of concrete steps reflects more light than, say, wood or brick. This means concrete steps are easier to see as well as to walk on, especially when the lighting is low.

Why Choose Us?

Concrete Contractor Philadelphia can assure you the best results no matter what your needs are. The installation process of concrete steps is very intricate, so it is vital that you hire professionals who have the right expertise in the area.

Our experts make a design to create the forms for the steps as the first step and then take follow all the safe practices to ensure that the forms are placed and supported well without any bowing. Steps have rubber filler in them, which is compacted, and installed with a rebar backer. After this, concrete is filled in. It is then edged and floated until a clean set of stairs is formed.

We offer every service that has to do with concrete steps in Philadelphia as well as surrounding areas. Our industry-grade approach guarantees top-notch results as per your needs. Get in touch with Concrete Contractor Philadelphia now for an estimate!

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